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MILES 2000 Laser Training System The Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) is a training system that provides a realistic battlefield environment for soldiers involved in training exercises. MILES provides tactical engagement simulation for direct fire force-on-force training using eye safe laser "bullets". Each individual in the training exercise has a detection system to sense hits and perform casualty assessment. Laser transmitters are attached to each individual weapon and accurately replicate actual ranges and lethality of the specific weapon systems. MILES training has been proven to dramatically increase the combat readiness and fighting effectiveness of military forces.Soldiers use MILES devices primarily during force-on-force exercises, from squad through brigade level, to simulate the firing and effects of actual weapons systems. These weapons systems include the M1 Abrams Tank, Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, M113 Armored Personnel Carrier, wheeled vehicles and other non-shooting targets. Additionally, Basic MILES simulations address anti-armor weapons, machine guns, rifles, and other ancillary items, such as a controller gun, within the program. MILES requires the sound of a blank cartridge to discharge a laser transmitter that sends simulated laser "bullet" to kill or wound opposing forces (OPForces) during training exercises. The MILES fires coded laser beams at laser detectors attached to soldiers or vehicles. When the laser bear hits a detector, the laser detector records a kill or near miss. The detectors are sensitive to the source of fire. For example, the laser beam for a soldier simulating the firing an M16 rifle will not register on a detector mounted on an armored vehicle. Blank firing attachments (BFAs) were developed to promote realism by enabling soldiers to simulate firing their weapons as they are actually used on the battlefield. This system includes the following components and 2 pallet sized cases for transportation. [34] Body Harnesses, [34] Halo Helmet Harnesses, [35] AR15 Mounts, 2880 Sr Officer Harness, [10] Red Light/Green Light Fobs, [10] 4 Button Kill Fobs, 2 Alignment Guns, 1 Align The Alignment Gun Set 7 Small Arms Detectors, 1 Helmet Small Arms Detectors Laser Tag 30+ Sets, 2 Calibrators, 1 Calibrator {SOLD 34x THE MONEY}


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