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Freedom Knife

The individual and collective acts of colossal heroism displayed by American men and women during the hours and days following the attacks on September 11,2001, are impossible to quantify. From the first responders who charged into the smoldering towers time after time, to the passengers of Flight 93, we witnessed countless acts of courage and selflessness in the face of pure evil. Featuring a piece of steel from the World Trade Center, this piece of art created by Silver Stag commemorates the indescribable acts and sacrifices witnessed on that fateful day. A half-inch World Trade Center Steel medallion is set flush into the hand-shaped and polished deer or elk antler handle which also features a laser engraving of the Twin Towers and "Never Forget, In Memory of 9-11" text. A laser engraved Friends of NRA logo adorns the handmade 3.75" hollow ground high carbon 02 steel blade along the stainless steel finger guard. This beautiful collector's piece will be perfectly displayed or stored in its American Alder wood box engraved with the Friends of NRA Limited Edition logo. The handmade cow hide leather sheath means that you will also be able to carry the knife for practical use. From Smith and Partners, LLC, exclusively for Friends of NRA events and limited to 1,130 units.
* Overall length: 8" (approx.)
* Display box included: 11"L x 4"D x 2"H * 1/2" World Trade Center Steel medallion inlay
* Lifetime Warranty
Thu, Aug 24, 2017 5:30PM CDT
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