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99 Different Types of Craft - Import and Domestic Beer Left Over from the Brix Mid-Town Auction. This is and All or Nothing Silent Bid Auction. Winner Take All.
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Please note: There is a mirrored wall in the video that makes the inventory look larger than it actually is in the video.

This is a sealed bid auction. You must be a Nebraska Resident and 21 Years of Age or Over in order to Purchase this Large Lot of Beer.

This is a sealed bid auction. You must submit your sealed bid to the office of Auction Solutions, Inc. at 7811 Military Ave. in Omaha in a sealed envelope BEFORE September 15 at 3PM CDT. Bids will be opened on Monday September 18th. The winner will be notified by telephone upon bid acceptance. Bid must include photo copy of your driver's license, company name and copy of liquor license if purchasing as a business and contact information including phone number and email address. Winning bidder will have 24 hours to make payment, or bid will be considered invalid.

All items are NOT individually listed. A video, general listing and photos are posted on this web page. Use these tools to determine your bid. No onsite inspection or preview will be provided.
Thu, Aug 31, 2017 11:33AM CDT
Fri, Sep 15, 2017 3:00PM CDT
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