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Henry Big Boy Silver Lever Action Rifle .44 Mag with Anniversary Logo

As a "bigger boy" center-fire version of the rim fire Golden Boy Silver, the Henry Big Boy Silver model is an equally striking throwback to the days of nickel plating on prized guns to protect and enhance their visual appeal. Aside from the tougher solid aluminum-bronze alloy used here, the Big Boy Silver is essentially the same gun as the brass Big Boy Classic, with the same 20" octagon barrel, buckhorn/bead sights, drilled and tapped scope option, straight stock wrist, carbine-style butt plate, ten-round magazine capacity, tube magazine loading, transfer bar safety, and 8.68 lbs. weight. This custom Henry Big Boy Silver features the Friends of NRA 25th Anniversary logo engraved on the left receiver and the NRA seal engraved on the right. Limited to 1,145 units consecutively serialized and exclusive to Friends of NRA.
* Caliber:.44 Magnum/.44 Special
* Barrel: 20"
* Capacity: 10 rounds
* Stock: American Walnut
* 25th Anniversary Logo and NRA seal engraved on receiver
* Engraving by Baron Technology, Inc.
* Custom NRA Serialization
Thu, Aug 24, 2017 5:30PM CDT
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