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Burley Clay Stoneware Crocks - Set of 2

Burley Clay of Roseville, Ohio, has been making stoneware crocks and jugs for home use since 1923. The area is world famous for its stoneware clay and was once the home to several premiere pottery factories. These two hand-made crocks feature a custom design of crossed rifles and 1871 stamped in blue. The two sizes-one gallon and two quarts are perfect for pickling, storing or decorating. Crafted exclusively for Friends of NRA events by Burley Clay Products and limited to 1,130 sets.
* 1 gal. Crock: 7.5" Dia. x 8.5"H
* 2 qt. high jar: 6" Dia. x 6.5"H
Thu, Aug 24, 2017 5:30PM CDT
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