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Tue, Apr 28, 2020 12:00PM
End Date: Fri, May 22, 2020 12:00PM

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May 23, 2020 at 12:00AM through May 31, 2020 at 4:00PM

SingleSource Communications, A Microwave Radio and Telecommunications Company is Being Liquidated by a Secured Creditor. All Inventory and Material Handling Equipment including Pallet Racking and Shelving are Being Sold at Online Auction in One Lot.

Office PC's, Printers, Furniture and Electronic test Equipment are being offered Separately.

Removal of inventory must be completed by the end of May 2020.

Inspection can be made by appointment.

The inventory list includes 13,672 line items with an estimated value of  $2.4 Million

This information is directly from the Company's Web Site

We Buy, Sell & Repair New, New Surplus, Unused, Refurbished and Used Microwave Radio, Telecom, Wireless, Wire-Line, Central Office, Power, Racking and Data Equipment. Bottom-Line is we are here to help you!


At SingleSource Communications our mission is to provide quality telecom products and service to our customers. We listen to our customers and make every effort to meet their needs through a well-stocked inventory, trained technical staff, and experienced sales team. We will deliver fast, flexible, and cost effective solutions to build long-term relationships with our customers.

At SingleSource Communications, we sell telecom equipment from  major manufacturers. A few examples include 3Com, ADC™, Adtran™, AFC™, Alcatel™, Alcatel-Lucent, Andrew, Avantek, Aviat, Brocade, CAC, Carrier Access, Charles Industries, Chatsworth, Cisco™, CoastCom, Dragonwave, DSC™, DMC, Eltek, Exalt, Extreme Networks™, Fujitsu™, Harris™, Juniper, Kentrox, Lorain, Lenkurt™, Loop, Lucent™, Marconi, Metal Tech, Motorola™, NEC™, Nortel™, Occam, Pairgain™, Paradyne, Pulsecom™, Proxim, Rad, RTEC™, Siemens™, Telco Systems™, Telecom Solutions, Telect™, Tellabs™, Wescom™, Western Multiplex™, Wilmore, XEL, Zhone and much more.

Below is a Small Sample of the Systems we Buy, Sell and Repair. We work on all the different configurations, these are just the basic listings.

  • Alcatel-Lucent MPR9500
  • Alcatel MDR8000
  • Alcatel MDR7000
  • Alcatel MDR6000
  • Alcatel MDR5000
  • Alcatel MDR4000
  • Alcatel MDR3418
  • Alcatel MDR3118
  • Alcatel ASAM1000
  • Alcatel ASAM7300
  • Alcatel 1603/1603SM
  • Alcatel 1601
  • Alcatel 1648
  • Aviat Eclipse
  • Adtran Tracer
  • Adtran Total Access 750
  • Adtran Total Access 850
  • Adtran Total Access 1000
  • Adtran Total Access 1200
  • Adtran Total Access 1148
  • Tellabs Titan 5500
  • Adtran Total Access 1500
  • Adtran Total Access 3000
  • Adtran Opti-3
  • Adtran Opti-6100
  • Adtran MX2800
  • Adtran Total Access 5000
  • Adtran Netvanta
  • Nortel DMS10
  • Nortel DMS100
  • Nortel FDN600
  • Nortel FDN2400
  • Nortel Optera 3500
  • Nortel RD6
  • Nortel RD11
  • Westell CellPack
  • Newbridge 3624
  • Telco Systems EtherEdge
  • Telco System EtherReach
  • Harris DVM6
  • Harris Truepoint 5000
  • Harris Microstar
  • Harris Constellation
  • Harris Mega Star
  • CAC Access Navigator
  • CAC Adit 600
  • CAC Widebanks (all)
  • Cisco 15454
  • Cisco Ethernet Routers
  • Cisco Ethernet Switches
  • Lucent 5ESS
  • Lucent DDM2000
  • Lucent CBR850
  • Lucent Stinger
  • Lucent CBX500
  • Lucent FT2000
  • Exalt 5.8ghz Radio
  • Exalt 2.4ghz Radio
  • Telco Systems DCB24
  • Telco Systems Access 60
  • Telco Systems EXMII
  • Telco Systems Edgelink


Inventory List

Single Source Inventory

Terms & Conditions

Conditions & Terms of Online Sale:

Credit cards on file with Proxibid will be charged within 24 Hours of the auction completion for all items other than the inventory. Buyer of the Inventory MUST pay via wire transfer. Merchandise must be paid for in full prior to being removed or picked up from the auction site. Declined Cards are subject to a $35.00 transaction fee, and the potential inability to bid on future auctions. A 13% Buyer’s Premium applies to this sale. All Nebraska residents, and anyone picking up items in person (not shipped) are subject to 7% NE sales tax. In order to be considered tax exempt, Auction Solutions, Inc. must have a SIGNED Nebraska form 13 on file.

Auction Solutions, Inc. shall attempt to describe merchandise in advertising and on the internet, but makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied. In no event shall Auction Solutions, Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability, or fitness of an item for a particular purpose. Off-site bidders understand and acknowledge they are not able to inspect items as well as if they were to examine them in person. It is the bidder's responsibility to further inquire to determine condition, age, genuineness, or any other determinative factor. Bidders shall be the sole judge of value.

If you are not a local buyer, items will be shipped by a third party.* Postage and handling fees will be assessed and charged as a separate transaction. Please verify billing, shipping, and credit card information are accurate on your Proxibid account to prevent excessive costs and shipping delays. If you are outside the Omaha Metropolitan area and plan to pick up your items, (or if someone is picking items up on your behalf,) they must comply with the stated pick up time and requirements. Items picked up outside the scheduled time are subject to additional fees.

If your purchase requires freight transport [i.e. LTL or OTR Carrier] - YOU MUST CALL OUR OFFICE TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. Vehicle titles are held until payment clears. If the title is held by a bank, it may take up to 30 days to procure a clear title. Contact our office if you have questions at 402-571-0393.

*Shipping is not available for storage unit auctions. Shipping for Firearms, Coins, and Jewelry are handled internally at Auction Solutions, Inc.

All information contained herein is believed to be accurate to the best of our ability but is not guaranteed. Auction Company may rescind the sale of any item(s) within 30 days if it is determined the lot was sold in error, or that removal would be impossible, impractical, or disruptive to the rights of the seller, or other third party. Items not claimed within 5 days of the auction close will be considered abandoned; a 20% re-stocking fee will be assessed, and the item(s) repurposed. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Shayne Fili, and Mark Beacom, Professional Auctioneers. Office Phone: 402-571-0393. Toll Free (Fax): 866-718-0393

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