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Auction Schedule

Auction Dates
Start Date:
Fri, Feb 23, 2018 9:00AM

Auction Checkout Dates

Feb 23, 2018 from 12:00PM - 4:00PM


Locations for Winter 2018:

  • 2715 CHANDLER RD W - 4 UNITS
  • 1506 CHANDLER RD - 5 UNITS
  • 4550 F STREET - 5 UNITS
  • 3320 S. 60TH ST - 3 UNITS
  • 11435 P STREET - 4 UNITS
  • 3303 N. 147TH ST - 1 (LARGE) UNIT
  • 10607 BEDFORD AVE - 10 UNITS
  • 3349 KEYSTONE DR - 14 UNITS
* 45 TOTAL UNPAID UNITS AS OF FEBRUARY 22nd – (Actual Number of Units Available on Auction Day is Subject to Change)
You never know what you will uncover or discover. In recent years we have uncovered entire automotive shops, carpet cleaning companies, motor homes, motorcycles, vehicles tools and household items, just to name a few. Don't miss this exciting live auction event.

Milt's Mini Storage Auctions have changed format. The contents of an entire unit are sold to the highest bidder. This has condensed the quarterly storage auctions to one day.
- Winning Bidders must pay for Units at each location

- a $100.00 clean out deposit is required per unit*,
- Payment by Cash and Credit Cards* only accepted; NO CHECKS. 
*Deposits will be refunded in cash by location manager ( after  unit inspection.)

Terms & Conditions

A $100 Clean-Out Deposit is Required on Each Unit Sold. Only Cash and Credit/Debit Cards Accepted at this Auction, NO CHECKS. All Units must be paid for on the day of sale (including per unit deposits,) prior to removal of any items.
Auctioneer and staff make no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied. All items sold on "as is where is" basis. Announcements day of sale take precedence over printed material. Once the auctioneer says sold that unit becomes yours. A 7% Nebraska state sales tax applies at this sale.
Property will be opened on day of sale for public inspection. Buyer must rely on own visual inspection regarding the usability of items purchased. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor. In no event shall Auction Solutions, Inc. be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value.
Please Note Specific Terms for the Milt’s Mini Storage Auctions:
Because we do not know what will be discovered when we open the doors, the following additional terms apply to Alcohol, Firearms and Vehicles.
Alcohol: Purchaser must be 21 years of age or over and must sign an affidavit that the alcohol is for personal use only and will not be resold.
Firearms: Will be turned in to management for further investigation by the authorities. No firearms will be sold immediately upon discovery.
Titled Vehicles: Titled vehicles discovered day of sale will be set aside until verification can be made that there are no liens or encumbrances against said vehicle.
Untitled Vehicles: Will be turned in to management. No Untitled Vehicles will be sold.
Shayne Fili and Mark Beacom Professional Auctioneers Office: 402-571-0393. All sales are final. Information contained herein is believed to be accurate to the best of our ability but is not guaranteed.
All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Auctioneer Notes

BIDDING ON A STORAGE AUCTION? DON'T FORGET TO BRING . . . Flashlight Storage facilities are often dark or not well lit. You never know what you're getting into, so don't get "left in the dark" about what you're buying (or what you're missing.) Large tactical flashlights or, handheld spots are popular with buyers. Locks Don't forget to bring locks! If you are the winning bidder of a storage unit(s), you'll want to secure your space with your own lock immediately following the sale. Bring extras, more than you think you may need; you'll need a lock for every storage unit you purchase. Work Wear Once the auction is over, you'll likely be getting down-and-dirty with your unit, (Your hidden treasures may be buried below trash) so comfortable, old clothes and work gloves are a smart idea. Trash Bags In order to recoup your deposit(s), ALL units must be ‘swept clean.’ NO trash may be thrown in Milt’s Mini Storage dumpsters. It's your responsibility to remove all trash from the property. Large, strong trash bags are essential to have on hand. Additional Supplies Who knows how well things were previously packed, or what condition stored items will be in… the mystery is part of the fun though, right? Extra bins/boxes, packing tape, moving blankets, and hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, jewelers’ loupe, etc.) will be useful after the sale. Sanitizing hand wipes and a small first aid kit are also a good idea to have on hand.

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