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At Auction Solutions, Inc. we are committed to providing a solution to your specific situation. Not only can we turn your assets into cash, we provide a complete solution for you.

Red Car Line-Up

Our business is based around selling assets and achieving the highest possible return for our customers. We implement various methods to auction your assets in a format catered to each situation. Estate sales, online fixed price sales, online auctions, and online simulcast auctions are just some of the tools we use to find the solution to your asset problems.

Our team of experts can do as much or as little as your situation requires. We can simply take your property as is and prepare it for sale, conduct the auction, and pay the proceeds to you without you ever having to lift a finger. If you are the hands on type, we can advise you through all aspects of the auction process. The decision is yours, the expertise is ours.

Auction Types:

  • Commercial and residential real estate auctions
  • Business and industrial equipment liquidation auctions
  • Collector car and other vehicle auctions
  • Large estate and collectibles auctions
  • Traditional real estate listings and appraisals
  • Benefit auctions

Case Studies

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